Dear Player,

we introduce you such a board game which helps you to get to know the sights, the history, the culture and all the values of Győr in an enjoyable way. This game is recommended for anyone who would like to explore this marvellous historic city playfully. The guests and the inhabitants of Győr may discover several new things while they are playing with this game. 

It is recommended for family reunions, or for gatherings, when you can get useful information about Győr while you are playing with an exciting board game. A „Small Guide Book” belongs to the game, which provides further information for the sights displayed on the cards of the game, while with the aid of a cell phone or a tablet (by using QR codes) several further photos, and videos are available on the concerning sights.

The game can also be completely enjoyable with or without using smart gadgets.

We wish you a pleasant and useful game as well as a great fun!





79 point cards


65 info cards


60 plastic coins


6 main thematic discs


6 supplementary thematic discs


6 figures, dice


Set of rules


Small Guide Book (The gist briefly!)


Assistance (interpretation of the signs)


Assistance (examples for the winning card combinations)


A lot of interesting information (photos, figures, videos, maps) (by using the QR-codes on the cards)